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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey hey hey!
Been a while eh? Well I am busy and will be posting some animation just as soon as I get chance. I have a piece which is nearly there, but this week I have been getting into textures.
I'm currently doing a job which has afforded me the chance to make some realistic environments and build some militery vehicles, so I will post them as I render them. Above is a BVS 10 troop support vehicle modelled from scratch (apart from the gun which was modified) in about 2 days. The model was done in max and uses a series of nested blend materials, sub object materials, grunge maps and ambient occlusion to dirty up the surface. The environment is lit with a photometric daylight system. The project calls for lots of vehicles but due to time constraints we have had to buy some readymade, but I have had chance to make a ship too, and maybe a few more things before the job is done, but I'm happy I've had the cahnce to work on this. It makes a change from the usual shiny looking surfaces I have been doing for the past few months. The scene is rendered with Mental Ray with Final Gather but no global illumination although I have used a logarithmic exposure control to attenuate the brightness. As always let me know what you think and I'll post more renders and the final animation as soon as its completed.

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Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey paul.
it's looking nice, i like the light on it,,,the texture is cool to, maybe you could add more dirty on it,
nice model and fast work,
thanks dude, i did that creature attack just for fun.