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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yesterday I took the video footage I recorded with Kitty Winter and Kevin and put it into a revised timeline. It looks a little ridiculous but did the job. Form that I was able to move my stepped keyframes in Maya into the correct positions and from this create a blockomatic. I'll use this for adding sound and music (if I get time) my plan is to do these sundry activities of an evening once the animation is well underway. The task now in terms of animation, is to flesh out the keyframing with more detail for the walk cycles, the jumps etc, and thats what I'm doing today,(between Maya crashes!). I'm am really enjoying this method now as the timing stays exactly how yoy originally wanted it and you can in between as you would in 2D. Anyway, here is the Mark 1 Blockomatic. I'll put up blockomatic mark 2 once its done.

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