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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a few quick animations I was asked to do for a job application, did these in about a day and a half each. As always, keep them comments coming!


messytimbo said...

wow man these are really great, i think the box feels heavy so well done. i also really like the walk, but i think the head feels a tad odd, like it judders about or something, not sure what i'm seeing, but i think it should feel smoother.

great job though man, you did them so fast as well.

Paul said...

I know what you mean Tim. I had a hard time getting the head to move right because it sits at the top of all those spine rotations. Essentially to get it to face forward you need to cancel out those rotations by rotating it in the opposite direction, but it has a little bit too much snap to it, so I tried to over emphasise that because hiding it was too difficult, and make it part of the character's walk. I find it realy hard to control, especially because the walk is quite big and bouncy. If anyone has some advice for me on how to get more control over this kind of situation, then I'm all ears!