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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey back again! This is a little animation I did initially as a long shot, but then I played around with the camera for the second render. I'm thinking the longshot works a lot better as the timing feels right which I guess shows how getting the camera right before animating is really important. I feel the second render needs more time,even though its the same move, so that the viewer can understand whats happening, as the emphasis is placed on so many individual elements and not on the action as a whole. This is a classic case of understanding by doing for me and really helps, because sometimes you need to question what you are told as a given rule.

Your Thoughts?



David Beer said...

Dude, this is damn cool, its inspired me!!!! well done buddy, I can really see where your strengths lie in animation, It all make sense! Respect. The only glitch that caught my eye initilly was the club-guys knees popping straight at the end. later dude, D

Paul said...

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, it must have slipped my attention. Its not a big thing, just brought the pelvis too high. Easily remedied! Thanks

libra bear said...

Hey paul, hope your good. It's interesting what you said about the camera. I think they both work but in different ways. The first works because you see eveything that happens in one shot and there is no confusion. Its from the side so that gives you the advantage of silhouettes. The second shot does the same, but to understand or take in what happens is slightly delayed which I think is also a good thing. Sometimes I think its good when the camera doesnt give everything away and leaves some space for the audience to participate and figure out whats going on. Have you seen Bourne Ultimatum (I think thats the last one) The fight scene with Desh? brilliant. Thanks for your comment by the way. Gave me a lot to think about.