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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hi There,
I'm still working on my latest piece of animation because I have had a commercial project to do. The job was working alongside Tim Frost at BullnGate on a project called Hotel Hasbro. I worked on the opening and end shots, creating the 3d environment for Tims 2d artwork to sit in. There was an awful lot to do in the space of 6 days and getting the render time down was difficult. In doing so I managed to network my 2 laptops into a render farm, and managed to get the look I wanted by substituting processor heavy area shadows for a raytraced light coupled with the environmental light tracer. Simpler shadows solutions were impossible because of the 2d artwork being mapped onto planes instead of being actual geometry, meaning advanced lighting techniques were required to deal with the shadows. I'm happy with the result. There were a few animation challenges for me too, in the ribbon, which was animated by hand, and the tonka toy, which tim delivered to me in pieces, as well as all the environment popping up into place as the box unfolds. Working with Tim was a great experience, he had a strong directorial vision and was very approachable in terms of solving problems that arose and being able to describe to me exactly what he wanted. You can see an edited version of the opening shot here.


messytimbo said...

i just check it out. it looks really great! you guys did a good job, and you must of learnt loads!
well done buddy

Tim said...

Thanks Pual - the cheque's in the post (or should be in the next day or 2).

; )

You did a great job. The client loved it.

libra bear said...

Great work paul, everybody is really growing. I haven't animated in ages. Great stuff.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice paul...i love the turtle in the back running ,,,and the way you place the birds,,nice work,,
well done paul..happy xtimass