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Friday, June 01, 2007

Here is my latest blockomatic. The timing, anticipation and overshoot is done. I just need to calm it down in places and then I can offset some of the movement keys and add the blendshapes. I still have no idea of how or where to find sound effects, and Getting a soundtrack is looking unlikely. Also I think I'm going to cut the second half of the animation. It has not been easy getting this far even though I'm working about 11 hours a day! Perhaps I'll get round to it next week if I get the other stuff done over the weekend. Heres hoping :(

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Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey paul

it´s looking good,,,,
i love the pose before he runs to stick the stuff in the horse´s,,,
much better the horse moving whn the knight thinking he is galloping..
still a bit strange his legs when he jumps in the ground, nice walk, the lance(knight weapon) looks is falling too slow in the shot with the knight on the ground.
in whole is very nice paul...good job..the horse looks funny, you sould have it chewing,,,,hihih cool mate.